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Cupola Kingdom installation

Cupola Kingdom

Assembly and Installation

Some PRECAUTIONS are required to insure the copper surface is not blemished:

1. Use clean gloves to remove unit from box and during installation to prevent skin acidity from blemishing copper.

2. After final installation, clean copper roof with approved copper cleaner (like BRASSO brand cleaner). This will remove any residual handling marks.

3. For a shiny copper finish, the roof should be sprayed with high quality exterior grade polyurethane.

Note: This authentic copper roof will gradually turn colors; from its present bright finish, to brown, then eventually to a pleasant green patina. The length of time to complete color change depends upon the local climate and conditions.

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F.A.Q. Cupolas


1. What maintenance is required when using copper products?
In order to keep your copper roof looking new and shiny, you can apply exterior grade clear lacquer or polyurethane, which can be found in most hardware stores.

2. What is the gauge of the copper used?
16 gauge copper.

3. How do I know the pitch of my roof?
The pitch of a roof is calculated by the number of inches it rises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. A roof that rises 6 inches for every 12 inches of horizontal run has a 6/12 pitch. A roof having a pitch of 4/12 is shallow and 12/12 is steep.

4. How are your cupolas made?
All of our cupolas are handcrafted using cedar wood or PVC. They are then topped with an aluminum or copper roof. You can then add even more value to your cupola by adding one of our beautiful weathervanes.

5. Do cupolas with weathervanes attract lightning strikes?
No, weathervanes do not attract lightning strikes.

6. Can I order a size not listed?
Yes, but shipping will take up to 4 weeks with custom cupolas.

7. How difficult are cupolas to install?
It really depends on what size cupola you order. Since cupolas are fairly heavy, we have made ours easy to install by separating our cupolas into three sections. This allows you to haul less weight at once onto your roof.

8. How do I install my cupola?
See “Do it yourself” installation guide on homepage.

9. Will I need a crane to install my cupola?
This all depends on how big of a cupola you have ordered. Itis probably best to use a crane for larger 48” cupolas because they can weigh around 300 pounds.

10. Can I paint my PVC cupola?
Although our PVC cupolas do not require to be painted, you can paint your PVC cupola by using acrylic latex paint.

11. How do I know if I need an extension base?
Most roofs are no steeper than 10/12” pitch. If your pitch is steeper than that, you should order an extension base as well.

12. How will the cupola arrive at my location?
We use FedEx if the cupola size is small enough; otherwise we use ABF to deliver the larger cupolas. When using ABF a telephone number is needed from the customer.

13. How long will it take the cupola to be delivered?
Cupolas are shipped the next business day.

14. What is the life expectancy for my cupola?
The key to the life expectancy of anything you purchase is maintenance. If you repaint it and seal any opening seams every couple of years, your cupola should last anywhere from 30-50 years.

15. Why does copper turn green?
Copper turns green through a process called oxidation. When copper is left exposed towater and air, a thin layer of a green forms on its surface.

F.A.Q. Weathervanes

1. Which are the most popular weathervanes?
Our most popular weathervanes include the horse, rooster, eagle, sailboat, and country doctor.

2. How do I choose the right size weathervane for my cupola?
Once you have your cupola size you usually want to get a weathervane that is 6” either way of the size of your cupola. For example ifyou have a 36 inch cupola, you will want to choose a weathervane that isbetween 30 and 40 inches.

. What is included with a weathervane?
Weathervanes come with an ornament, arrow, mast, directional and base.

4. How long will the polished finish last?
The copper polish will start to tarnish within a few months. It will start to turn the color of an old penny before eventually turning into a beautiful green patina color. To delay the tarnishing process you can apply exterior grade clear lacquer or polyurethane.

5. How do I mount a weathervane?
See “Do it yourself” installation guide on the homepage.

6. How do I read my weathervane?
Whichever way the arrow is pointing is where the wind is coming from. For example, if the weathervane is pointing towards the N, then the wind is coming out of the north making it a northerly wind.

Weathervane installation guide

Attaching Weathervane to Cupola

Depending on the type of weathervane to be installed, the weathervane staff will either have swiveling feet on the bottom or a thread rod for bolting on to the roof. Swivel feet staffs are for aluminum weathervanes and threaded rod staffs are for copper weathervanes. Refer to the illustrations below for installation of each type.

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Return Policy

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For more than 40 years, handcrafted cupolas have provided a fresh breath of tradition to country homes, carriage houses, barns, and public buildings. They add a charming architectural accent while substantially improving ventilation.

The wood bases feature simple, clean lines and large, flow-through cedar louver panels.

Our louvers combine functional ventilation with the beauty and rugged durability of natural cedar. Louvers add distinct style to your home while directing hot, stale air out of garages and attics.

The copper and aluminum roofs are distinctive and long-lasting. Topped with one of our weathervanes, our cupolas are a graceful reminder of our proud american heritage. They delight the eye and add long lasting value to the property.

Cupolas are designed to protect you from costly attic moisture problems the natural way. They ventilate warm moist air up and out of the attic through louver panels so you can stop worrying about wood rot, mildew, peeling paint, and musty odors.

Our cupolas even help prevent ice dams in rain gutters by evacuating under-roof moisture. Install and forget- no ventilator fans to wear out, no electrical wiring to install and maintain.